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NEW! John Prall Jr. Statue

Prall Family Association

Update: 21 July 2007: PFA officers approve $2000 donation to the project.
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John Prall, Jr. (1756 - 1831), proprietor of the Prallsville Mills at Stockton, NJ, was called that to distinguish him from his uncle, not his father. He fought in the Revolutionary War, rising through the ranks of the New Jersey Militia to Lieutenant. He was wounded at the Battle of Millstone and was disabled for six months. He later returned to duty and fought at the Battles of Germantown and Monmouth. In 1792 he purchased the mill at Stockton. He is the original model for many other Pralls who have served the United States honorably and as patriots in the military since then.

Today the Prall Mills are a national historic site, operated by the Delaware River Mills Society.

Now John Prall's statue will be cast as the first in a series of "American Patriots in Bronze", to stand at various sites along the Delaware River.

The two pages below are from a brochure on the unveiling of the clay model by sculptor Gregory Marra who used John Prall descendant, local artist Pieter Prall, as a model for the statue.

On the next page are photos of a clay model of the John Prall statue, a photo of it at the ceremony in late May 2007, three B/W photos of the work in progress with Gregory Marra and Pieter Prall, and an item and a photo from the Bucks County Herald across the Delaware River from Stockton north of Philadelphia, by permission of the author.

See the files on the Photo page, and then consider contributing to the project. The address for contributions is at the bottom of this page, below the brochure pages. Prall Family Association members who want to specifiy that their contributions are to go to the John Prall statue may state so, and I'm told contributions are tax-deductible and may be eligible for matching funds from employers. ( Disclaimer: This is not a legal opinion, and neither the webmaster nor the PFA are responsible for any losses if this is wrong.)

Statue Photo and Article page

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Address for contributions:
The Delaware River Mill Society
P. O. Box 298
Stockton, NJ 08559

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